Tweet The following is from Sunday premium report published on May 19th by Astrology Traders. Another potential power shift could come for the Fed: Bernanke is meeting with Congress next week.  There could be negotiations and secret deals that are very likely centered on the unfinished business of the “Grand Bargain.” Recent maneuvers by Congress to […]

Tweet By All About Trends From here on out the rest of the day volume drops off and things tend to slow down, aside from S&P downgrading Spain as we write this, but we’ve all already known that and it’s not anything new if you ask us. Just that it happened on a pre-holiday trade […]

Tweet If you joined me on the short side and you want a possible suggestion for a stop, use the line that I’ve drawn for each chart below. There definitely was some interest in these contra ETF’s when the markets started to slide last week, and now we’re left to try and figure out if it was […]

Tweet If you want to see Ben Bernanke squirm then watch this video. It appears he’s not capable of speaking a word of truth. He fidgets, stutters, stalls, and sometimes flat out doesn’t even answer the question. Meanwhile Congressman Alan Grayson seems to have intelligent questions and remains calm all the while he knows that […]