Tweet By All About Trends In addition to the current daily index charts? We talked about “What Do I Need To See To Make Me Take A Trade On The Long Side” that being Pullback Off Highs (POHs) and sure enough take a look at the names below as here comes the feast.

Tweet Put aside all the low volume days we’ve been having and if you want some stocks that have been very strong over the past 6 months that have been consolidating and could be poised to move higher into the 1st quarter of 2012…look no further. [ad#ad-1]


Tweet While I’m not about to declare victory for this timing call, today the bears made great progress towards this market having a proper correction. Now one must define what a “proper” correction is. I know many would like for me to give an exact formula when it would be safe to get back on the long […]

Tweet   Nice looking volume breakouts that should be bought on pullbacks.