Tweet By Poly I’m still very comfortable with where the equity Cycle is headed.  Nothing about this action has me thinking any different; this 40 point rally off the bottom tips has been expected.   As I outlined over the weekend, this should be nothing more than an oversold “snap-back”.  Even so, I believe we should […]

Tweet The following was sent to those on my free newsletter after the close on Thursday. If you would like to receive this in a timely manner you can sign up on the right or go to I really needed to see today’s close as we’re at extreme levels where if the market reversed […]

Tweet I for one will be glad to see this month end. Today’s large move down in CORN seemed to put a punctuation mark on my performance this month. However I think today’s move was the flush out need for this to have an upward move over the next couple of weeks. It’s possible that […]

Tweet It seems like after you read many of the general classics in trading and in your specialized market of choice, there doesn’t seem to be  much new under the sun. It’s rare to come across a book that you absolutely must add to your collection, but Bollinger on Bollinger Bands (McGraw Hill) by none other than […]