Tweet By Jeff Pierce While the weekly below still has the look of a chart that has a little life left in it, I have a suspicion that the bull market in bonds in over. All of the time frames I follow are sporting bearish chart patterns and while it wouldn’t be out of the […]

Tweet By Karen Starich During the webinar last week we discussed the recent bullish move for TBT and advised a long position near $15.95 .  We could see another significant move up for TBT on August 24th.  We could also see a pullback on the dates I mentioned above (9/11-9/14), so I advise scaling in […]


Tweet Everybody likes to root for the little guy. And when I say little guy I really mean the precious metals market. Those die hard gold bugs are rejoicing tonight and cracking their bottles of champagne because all is well in the land of the yellow metals (and the silver as well) while the gold bull […]