Tweet By All About Trends Friday we said: “Therefore, the rest of the day we do nothing and watch the famous “Into The Close” into a weekend I might add. We’ll find out into the close IF we are going to enter “Nervous Nellie Chicken Little The Sky Is Falling Capitulation Mode”. If so, then […]

Tweet In spirit that is… as I haven’t initiated any new shorts, but that is my bias for now as the market have showed it’s hand with each passing day that it can’t muster any sort of rally. Markets I’m most bearish on: NASDAQ, CHINA, CANADA, OIL Markets I’m bullish on: Bonds

Tweet After 5 failed, whipsawed, (you supply the adjective) it appears that the last one is the real one and I suspect my timing signal is back to being aligned with the market. What does that mean exactly? It means that you shouldn’t own anything long at this point (I sold out of my only long, CORN […]

Tweet The metals had some wild gyrations last night in the futures market with gold falling to $1535 and silver to $26.16. Given that my target was $1517 in gold I expect these markets to firm up and potentially rally from here. I thought we could see some panic selling, it’s just unfortunate that it […]