Tweet By Chris Ebert Should Technical Traders Watch The News? For many years it has been no secret to readers here that it is possible to make a case that when viewing stock prices from a technical standpoint, the chart creates the news and not t’other way around. Given the ease of access to financial […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert With Triple-Witching coming up in a few days, as it does late in March, June, September and December every year (the expiration of several Futures and Options contracts near the same date) many traders of those contracts will be “working for the weekend”. If equity or commodity prices have risen or […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert You’re special! It’s a hackneyed line spelled out in many a late-night club. But, for many traders, especially new traders, the idea that their stock is special can seem alluring. Corporate Earnings reports and other economic data and news can enhance a trader’s sense that their particular stock pick is special […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Ever notice how radio content varies with the frequency? This may come as surprise to those in the younger generation who are apt to get their music on devices other than old-fashioned radios, but the content indeed varies. In most cities, there are very few Top-40 stations near the 88 Megahertz […]