Tweet By Astrology Traders China China has a very afflicted natal chart that with Pluto conjoin Mars in Leo (art of war, drive for opulence) in the 2nd house of banking, bonds, and paper money.  The conjunction is square Venus in Scorpio (arrogant display of wealth, cruelty used to achieve wealth) in the 5th house […]


Tweet By Jeff Pierce Is this the Netflix of China? From Yahoo Finance: YOU On Demand Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides integrated value-added service solution and platform for the delivery of pay-per-view, video on demand, and enhanced premium content for cable providers in the People’s Republic of China. Small float (11million) and on the […]

Tweet Everything is looking so rosy. The data is increasingly positive. The UK unemployment rate just fell by 125,000 to 2.34 million. It’s still higher than it should be, but that’s a sure sign we are heading the right direction. We had positive economic data out of Australia where business confidence has risen according to […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Aug 13th Update – High today was .02 below my $20 call on August 5th. Earnings was the catalyst. I wouldn’t buy it now as today looks more like an exhaustion move rather than a start of a next leg up. Aug 5th Update July 26th – NQ has been coming up […]