Tweet There’s not a whole lot to report in terms of market signals as my indicators are still bearish. They’re improved, but still no need to go long at the moment. I just wanted to look at the day’s winner in terms of % mover and ask you if this looks like a chart pattern […]


Tweet Oil continues to move higher, so coal stocks won’t be too far behind. ICO is forming a text book ascending triangle pattern and if it breaks to the upside this entire sector is going to rip higher. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this breakout start as early as tomorrow. You can easily see […]


Tweet Coal stocks had a big day on Friday driven by JRCC’s bullish earnings. In fact, JRCC has a massive volume day (5x normal) and on a weekly chart broke out of previous resistance on the price by volume bars(seen below). It’s bumping  right up against it’s 200 ma on a daily chart, so it […]


Tweet I really thought I’d seen it all. This is the 15th week in a row this coal stock has been up and it did about 70% it’s weekly volume today. Now that smells like churning to me. I’m as bullish for the outlook of coal as the next person, but this entire sector is due for […]