Tweet CORN could be following the script of my analysis from a few weeks ago. After it’s big run-up from Jun-Aug it’s really spent the last quarter digesting it’s gains. Now all it needs is a “scary” sell-off down near the $44 level to wash out the weak hands completely and this should be ready […]

Tweet CORN could be set to finally sell off but recent strength suggests the pullback will be swift. The strength of the RSI is key and this should still head down near 40, so you can use that as a point of reference/secondary indicator when watching the levels I indicated as a buy. If it […]

Tweet By Karen Starich Tomorrow is a critical day for CORN when the USDA releases it’s corn report.  Traders are expecting the USDA to cut the average US corn yield to 127 bushels/acre leaving production near 11 billion bushels.  With this Summer’s dry hot weather the prices of corn have been on a tear.  The […]

Tweet In a market that hasn’t been kind to trend traders, corn and wheat are two commodities that are in very strong uptrends and should continue to be monitored for a pullback entry. They are still overbought but I’ve outlined the areas below where I may start to get interested . The RSI has been […]