Tweet By Chris Ebert Stock prices recently had one of the longest rallies in history. But all traders know the rally won’t last forever. At some point folks are either going to get exhausted and sell their stocks to take profits, or else some sort of troubling economic news or perhaps some sort of unforeseen […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Generally, Covered Call traders can eke out a profit even when stock prices are flat or fall slightly, because they collect a premium on the option upfront when they sell it. So, for example, if a stock is trading at $100 and a trader sells a Covered Call with a $100 […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Folks who were around in 1973 may remember U.S. school holidays like George Washington’s birthday or Abe Lincoln’s birthday, and Standard Time during the winter months. But due to the Energy Crisis, all those things went away in 1974. Daylight Saving Time became year-round and kids had to go to school […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert It can be difficult to trade when the market gets overheated. On the one hand, stock prices can become absurdly overpriced, which gives traders fear that prices will pull back; on the other the fact that stock prices are rising creates envy, which makes them attractive for buyers. One method of […]