Tweet This should have been up hours ago but we entertained tonight and it seemed to take forever to load. There is one actionable stock idea at the very end. Enjoy and please share with your networks!

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Tweet This could be foreshawdoing of a pop in the a.m. tomorrow while this retraces back allowing the moving averages to catch up to it but this is ultimately a bullish pattern (cup/handle). It hit previous resistance towards the close and just ran outta gas, but if tomorrow’s decline on the Vix is orderly it […]

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Tweet It looks like we are definatetly past the point of no return in this current downturn. In my opinion we have to experience some type of capitulation/panic selling, as we have had so many days of orderly selling in the past weeks and people will start to lose it soon. Many investors/traders who tried […]


Tweet The other day I expressed concern over how many call options were being bought when compared to put options. We were at traditionally bearish levels when you compare this indicator’s past. When the market’srally like they did on a news specific even at a time when this indicator is at these levels,  often times […]