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Tweet By Jeff Pierce CRX is at support and Gold looks like it’s at resistance nearing the 20 ema. If this is a major long term bottom I think we need a retest to make it complete. Look for a pullback to the $1375 and if that holds then it may be safe to buy […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce On the daily chart there seems to be strong support for the CRX (Commodity Related Equity Index) near $860. The rise of the RSI could have been stronger during the February rise, which would give me more confidence that this is going to bounce, but I do like the look of […]

Tweet What I mean by that title is last week I was noticing some positives in the TSX and I actually thought recent strength in precious metals could be enough to lift this index out of it’s major bearish trend, but today changed that. Weakness in the US markets today and Gold’s declines last week […]