Tweet By Jeff Pierce December 14th Update – DAN ran up another 15% to $23/share from the time it was added to the “Look At This Stock” category back in July, and since then has broken down from a rising bearish wedge to mild support. If you didn’t use the move up to book profits […]

Tweet   From my perspective we currently find ourselves in the handle of a massive cup with handle pattern that has a lot of upside if it plays out. As crazy as it sounds we could be heading much higher. Or…this is the double top pattern and we’re going to sink like a rock. I dislike […]

Tweet This chart looks even better on a 2yr wkly as it’s completed the cup/handle round trip with a breakout to top it all off. Earnings juice has fueled the move and it should be a winner with these technicals. Now if it’d just pull back for us to all pile in everything would be […]

Tweet I had such high hopes for this stock a week ago as I tucked it away in one of my watchlists. Two-year chart showed a stock that was gearing up to break out to new all-time highs and I wasn’t going to be left behind.  All it had to do was calm down, consolidate it’s previous […]