Tweet The Pending Crises  One thing is for sure:  the media rant about the market pullback is disorganized and showing signs that something is really amiss.   What we won’t hear them say is how the Fed is likely struggling to save their insolvent banks.  The canary in the gold mine is the sudden instability […]

Tweet By Mike Ber The following is an excerpt from this weeks premium content from and for a limited time they are accepting members to beta test their service at no cost to see how you can benefit from their Forex analysis. If you are interested contact Mike at and he’ll get you […]

Tweet By Poly As long as U.S economic data continues to outperform relative to most developed nations, then the Dollar will remain supported.  Central banks around the world are in unison with regards to their accommodating stances.  Therefore the argument of central bank liquidity as a catalyst for currency depreciation is to be discounted.  As […]

Tweet By Poly One thing is certain, the Dollar is not being sold off aggressively as many have expected.  Four rounds of massive quantitative easing and zero interest rates have done little to dampen the appetite for what firmly remains the world’s reserve currency. The Dollar has been putting in a number of powerful surging […]