Tweet First off, one market that is clear is the TSX, which remains in a sell signal. However it’s too early to tell if the general markets on the US have topped and are about to move into correction mode. Today volume declined on the US and Canadian markets making it difficult to interpret whether […]

Tweet Last three months of timing signal.

Tweet I really didn’t see this coming and I’m glad that I never established my long positions as I was waiting for weakness and weakness we got this week. To much it appears as my timing signal changed after the close today. As I mention in the video I shorted DIA and QQQ in the […]

Tweet Despite the bullish late day move on the markets it’s time to be cautious with my timing signal close to flipping back to the bear side of the trade. I think it’s safe to say a continuation of today’s move would be enough to keep my signal bullish, but any weakness will probably be […]