Tweet By All About Trends As far as the indexes are concerned we don’t like them here as we said yesterday, not to mention overbought and getting more overbought by the day when viewing the daily and 60 minute charts. BUT the super short term micro 15 minute charts are in play currently. Right now […]

Tweet Reader Question: I was wondering what your thoughts are on DDD (3D Systems)…it seems like a strong stock with relative strength (relative to the overall market). If you can, please let me know what you think. Thanks! While I agree that it’s been a solid performer and has high RS when compared to the […]

Tweet The following is a question from a All About Trends subscriber in reaction to this morning’s sell-off. What are your moves for DDD, SSYS, INVN? Everything seems to be tanking? Take a look at the index charts in today’s newsletter, the yellow brick road is intact. Right now all we are doing is puling back […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Traders of 3D Systems (DDD) traders are likely to feel strongly bullish. The recent pullback from the $44 level may have satisfied some traders who believed the stock was overbought. For now, any pullback in DDD would appear to represent a buying opportunity, while any price below $34 would represent a […]