Tweet . More than likely we’ll find out if my title is accurate as we’re either going to break out to new highs tomorrow or reverse hard in my opinion. I believe the latter to be the case and I still hold a cautious view on the markets due to some very weak RSI action. […]


Tweet Last month when it looked like the market was in the process of churning and ready to pause, it did just the exact opposite. Now that the market has undergone many accumulation days by IBD standards, it appears like it’s ascent will likely continue. While I have no idea what the next 3 weeks […]


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Tweet Over the last 5 trading session on the Nasdaq we’ve had 4 distribution days (volume on down days exceeded the previous day). I posted a chart on Aug. 5th, and stated that if this rally if going to move forward, it would have to bust through the trendline of the lower highs I had […]