Tweet I count five lower highs. Price tells you everything you need to know. RSI 60 level continues to provide resistance. Here are some levels to watch for the Dow.

Tweet   To be fair I haven’t followed this type of chart pattern to know what is significant or not, but these reversals appear on the surface to be significant and in unison. It also makes sense for the dollar to pop while gold/markets correct as the trends for all of these instruments are well […]

Tweet All signs are pointing up and today’s rally confirms that we’re heading much higher. I hurt myself last Thursday by exiting my longs and trying to trade the small daily swings and now I’m forced to wait for a pullback in the general markets to load up on the long side. Today was a […]

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Tweet Even though I essentially moved to cash today I’m still bullish overall on the state of the markets. I opted to close out my ETF’s and take all of the profits after scaling out yesterday when I noticed we are closing in on the June highs. My thinking is that we have more downside […]