Tweet I sent the following out to my free newsletter list near the close today: Today my market timing signal issued a buy signal from our current “sidelines” view on the general markets. It continues to be safe to buy stocks long or if you want to pick your favorite market ETF you could do […]


Tweet This looks to be the trade for the next week or so and with the general markets selling off this could be the start of a much needed correction in the markets. I’m seeing some preliminary signs that my timing signal could trigger in the next day or two. That doesn’t mean it’s going […]

Tweet As the McClellan Oscillator confirms this rally we should expect the markets to move higher. Rarely does this indicator make new monthly highs and then the market fall flat on it’s face. Usually there is some sort of negative divergence that forms as the indicator prints a lower high while the market moves higher. […]

Tweet The following is a guest posts by Karen Starich, who uses astrology to forecast events in the markets. I believe her unique insights will provide an alternative view to the markets, in particular the precious metals sector. The banks will not get a pass The potential for another yank on the dollar, the wealth […]