Tweet Reader question: How long can the divergence in the DJT vs DJIA last? The QE3 put aside, I’ve never seen the Dow hold up this long with the transports doing so poorly, and don’t see them doing anything else but going lower, while the DOW hangs in. Is it because of last 2 days of quarter […]

Tweet A little chart potpourri tonight. 5 charts that stood out to me. 13653 is the high of the day on the New Moon last Friday. So far that top is holding but with a quiet consolidation during an options expiration week, the bulls may have a crack at that resistance tomorrow. Futures are mildly up as […]

Tweet By Karen Starich The sector that is perhaps the red flag for the economy is the transportation sector which is currently lagging the S&P.  Pluto is still retrograde and in my view creating an undertow in the economy that is slowly dragging the economy backwards.   Looking at the astrology for key stocks in […]