Tweet 93% of today’s volume was upside. Now if this market is going to rally longer than 1-2 days it must break out of the pattern that it’s been in on the chart below. Every time it hits the moving average it reverses. clipped from  

Tweet . Today was extremely bearish with 98.2% of today’s volume on the downside. However something very strange happened with some of my proprietary indicators that caused me to move to the sideline after the market close. It wasn’t a buy signal exactly, but it was an exit your short positions signal. There…are you confused […]


Tweet . 97% of today’s volume was on the downside today. There’s no need to remind the bulls that they got taken to the woodshed today. Notice how the red line is acting as resistance now. clipped from  


Tweet 93% of today’s volume was to the downside. This is a very significant and highly bearish number. Given this came near the highs of the markets, it’s quite likely this is the start of a bigger correction coming. clipped from