Tweet Busy day today here on zentrader. Hard not to be glued to the charts as it’s not everyday we’re knee deep in a crises (although it sure does feel eerily familiar). I thought last week was bad with selling pressure and a potential extreme since I remember tracking the downside volume with a reading […]

Tweet Crazy day. Haven’t even looked around the blogosphere to see what others are say…probably all the same about how it’s best to stay in cash but one strategy isn’t best for all. It’s times like these that we’re either going to get a dead cat bounce or an apocalyptic sell-off that will be another […]

Tweet Don’t let the title of the video/post fool you. For the most part I’m expecting a bounce as I’ve covered many of my short positions, but will be looking to reposition on the short side on any intraday bounces. I’ll be watching the 60 minute RSI on NASDAQ and DOW for the 60 level acting […]

Tweet 94% of today’s volume was on the downside via Market Harmonics. A rally can sustain one of those and continue moving higher, but tomorrow should define this rally in terms of whether it rebounds or caves. As I state in the video below I bought a lot of stocks long today (including SLV AUQ […]