Tweet The one bad thing about using this data in your trading system is that it doesn’t update until late in the evening pst, so it’s impossible to make any trading decisions that require snap market action. However, this is a great confirming tool when you’re in a trade or trying to determine what’s going […]

Tweet Yes it’s an obvious statement but some of my proprietary charts are showing some “off the chart” type – chart movements that I really don’t know how to interpret right now. One way of looking at an extreme reading is that it’s an indicator of some major move, like a crash is impending. Or, […]


Tweet Major negative day with the internals to back it up. 95% of today’s volume was on the downside. We probably bounce for 2-3 days but it’s really a crapshoot at this point. After today really anything can happen and it may just be best to take tomorrow off and take my dog for a […]


Tweet This is confirmation that the market is in a very precarious position. 90% downside days can be indicative of future selling, especially when the occur after a major run-up. clipped from