Tweet That weekly chart of Monster Beverage intrigues me as it’s in a major uptrend and could be presenting a buy opportunity this week, but there are some concerns.  What I like about it is the RSI was extremely overbought, meaning investor were really buying this stock and given that it’s not broken through any […]


Tweet SLV is looking like it wants to breakout soon as silver as been outperforming gold lately. I like how volume on up days has been so high when you compare it to the down days. Ways to play this are the ETF, and the following stocks: SLW PAAS SSRI HL. Before the bell tomorrow […]

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Tweet Apple reported earnings today and the stock moved a little to the upside in the after-hours, but nothing to really juice up the bulls from what I can see. Three dollars isn’t much of a move for a $120+ stock. In fact, today’s action has the look of a market that looks ready to rollover than […]


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