Tweet By Karen Starich I was very vocal about a potential Obama defeat.  Although the outcome is a surprise I am not shocked.  Mercury turned retrograde on election day and there could be a twist to this outcome.  Mercury retrogrades are notorious for bringing changes and exposing mistakes.  It might be difficult to carry on […]

Tweet Here is a question from last nights Financial Astrology webinar regarding Karen’s prediction that Obama won’t be reelected. I hope your right about an Obama defeat, but if he does win, would that change your outlook for record highs in the stock market next year? Thanks for another great webinar. ~Astrology Trader Subscriber Karen’s […]

Tweet By All About Trends – Your source for daily market analysis, trade alerts, and a sound trading methodology. Here is your big picture chart from a few days back and as you can see we tagged a MAJOR support level and after a few days of being in limbo the market reacted off of […]

Tweet   I don’t have any sell signal, market top indicators in place, or any other reason to move to 100% cash other than gut feeling. Yesterday I had an opportunity to exit and unburden myself from whatever hijinx may be coming our way and I opted to stay invested…even buying more stock at the […]