Tweet By Jeff Pierce 7.03 Update  6.10 – Energy stocks have been on a tear lately – (see EMES, CPN, VTNR, LNG) so this is a sector you should be focusing on when it has a pullback. ENG has a strong chart but it`s obviously overbought and I would not chase here. If the RSI can pullback […]

Tweet The Nasdaq’s pattern is at a crossroads and while it appears to be bearish at this moment it wouldn’t take to big of a push to the upside to make yearly highs. Prudence is required as tomorrow is the first of the month which in recent months has been very bullish. I wouldn’t be […]


Tweet Energy stocks are getting trashed and this should easily see new highs and beyond before this is all over. Use any intraday weakness to buy and watch it very closely when it gets to it’s previous highs. If it blows right through it, then hold tight, but I would take half off and see […]