Tweet This is an interesting chart because on one hand everything is bullish about it – a picture of perfection from a trend and momentum perspective. base on base previous earnings winner nice price/volume, although not shown on chart consolidating at/near highs And on the other hand the are releasing earnings after the bell tomorrow […]

Tweet . More than likely we’ll find out if my title is accurate as we’re either going to break out to new highs tomorrow or reverse hard in my opinion. I believe the latter to be the case and I still hold a cautious view on the markets due to some very weak RSI action. […]

Tweet . My market timing is suggesting higher prices are coming, but not until a short term correction occurs. The VIX is at extreme complacent levels as there is no fear in this market at all. Next step is mega -super complacency. Combine that with a few other factors and we could easily have a […]

Tweet I like this trade as a longer term swing trade (1-3 months) as it fell below it’s lower bollinger band this morning taking out many stops along the way. We could probably get this on a retest as the overall markets are tired and this could easily fall if that small correction I’ve been […]