Tweet By Jeff Pierce So I noticed something today in regards to the vehicle I use to trade my Canadian timing signal, EWC. It’s a horrible ETF that doesn’t really do it’s job of tracking The TSX at all. Notice how it seriously under performed in the first chart below.  Here is a video I sent to […]

Tweet Today was a fitting conclusion to a shortened holiday trading week where we saw a lot of stocks and the indexes rise on below average volume on what amounts to no news. When viewing many charts I see a lot of negative divergences, rising bearish wedges, and no leadership in the form of breakouts. […]

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Tweet I used the morning weakness in the metals to trim a significant amount of my miners and I’m left with 20% exposure in this sector. Until the CRX makes a new low (chart below) and the EWC closes below the area I’ve indicated as support, there is a good chance we could see a […]