Tweet By Karen Starich Facebook is set to launch it’s initial public offering on May 18th. The social media giant has an initial target valuation as high as $100 billion. Looking at the astrology for May 18th we can get some clues as to how the stock will do, and the potential risks involved with […]

Tweet Companies mentioned in visual below. They are getting rich off of our privacy and I think this is a very timely piece with all the hoopla surrounding GOOG privacy policy, or lack thereof.

Tweet . Current events form future trends….this is one trend that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Some very interesting facts in this short video. [ad#co-1]

Tweet I ran across this awhile back and it’s so creepy that I thought I’d share it with all of you. I believe it’s important to be informed about the possibility of what can be. Yes I do have Facebook myself, although I really try not to use it very much because it’s to easy […]