Tweet By Jeff Pierce If support breaks watch out as this is going to crater. I selected 3 stocks in this sector to illustrate how weak it is and each one is in a different timeframe. Reason being is they all just about look the same on the daily, so when you see a daily, […]

Tweet By Karen Starich The red metal may get a little boost with a rare aspect from transiting Mars (copper) in Aquarius sextile Uranus (electricity) in Aries.  The two planets are transiting each other sign which is called mutual reception.  The influence could cause a sudden shift that is bullish.  January 2nd could be very […]


Tweet . This sector broke out last Wednesday and offered a nice pullback opportunity on Friday morning at the open. Given that we closed at the day’s high, this looks like a sector that could run higher for weeks to come. Here is my watchlist in this sector: IVN FCX PCU TIE SLT IPI RTI