Tweet By Astrology Traders Last week a chart surfaced on the internet that shows a correlation to the recent uptrend that matches the trend prior to the stock market collapse of 1929. I find the chart interesting because it is the opposite of what I see happening into April. We could cross above the illustrated […]

Tweet The heavens will celebrate tax day this year with a total lunar eclipse (dire warning) at 25 degrees Libra.  The eclipse to the Federal Reserve and USA charts shows the potential for an immediate crises situation that could become evident in April 2014.  In the USA chart the houses being impacted are: the 2nd […]

Tweet By Astrology Traders The following is from Sunday premium report published on May 27th by Astrology Traders. Below that chart is an updated KKD chart showing today’s explosive earnings move. You have everything to gain as you access our stock pics as we offer 2 free weeks (no cc required) to sample our work. Krispy […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce I’m out to suggest that we do something at Astrology Traders that is both unique, prescient and profitable. It’s also very different from any other service out there where we blend financial astrology and my expertise in technical analysis. Whatever your belief is at the end of the day it’s all […]