Tweet By Astrology Traders The Markets We were expecting a pullback in the (XLF) Financials at the end of last week. The financials rallied despite a gutsy move by Draghi, introducing quantitative easing and a negative deposit rate of -0.1pc., marking the first time a major central bank has crossed the -0 threshold. Draghi said he will “do […]

Tweet By Karen Starich JP Morgan’s earnings report tomorrow will most likely bring no new surprises, but should we beware of the profits?  I would not be overconfident about the banks here as there could be some reversal  or exposure of the banks accounting quirks and debt value adjustments on October 15th-17th.  Saturn has moved […]


Tweet Today the market stalled heading into the close, but at this point I think it’s going to take some sort of blow off top to put an ending to this upward grind. It feels like everyday is some sort of twisted groudhog day for the bears as every threat of a downward move is […]