Tweet ARG released earnings today and investors didn’t respond well, but I believe this to not be as bad as it may look at first glance. Today’s sell off didn’t violate any key support areas and the RSI remains in bullish territory as it oscillates between 80-40. Below is a weekly chart and volume appears […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Many stock traders avoid the options market because of a perception that option trading is gambling. While it is true that every option trade may be considered to be a bet, a properly placed option trade can often reduce a trader’s risk rather than increase it. Another use for covered calls […]

Tweet Rinse, Wash, Repeat is the common theme as the market sorts out it’s next directional move. My slight bias is to the downside, but I’m also open to the idea that the market could go up further and will have to be traded accordingly. Hence there are some decent looking set-ups below the video […]


Tweet Below are 4 stocks that could run higher if this market doesn’t fall off a cliff. They are all displaying superior relative strength in a market that doesn’t have any.