Tweet By All About Trends IF some sort of deal is “Magically” reached Sunday night odds favor market is going to get gapped up and it could do so quite hard. That would mean come Monday at the open if you are going to take a trade on the long side two things will occur. […]

Tweet By All About Trends Folks, recently we talked about Washington bickering amongst themselves and how it would NOT be tolerated by the market. Yesterday Harry Reid had this to say: HARRY REID SAYS `LITTLE PROGRESS’ MADE RECENTLY IN FISCAL CLIFF TALKS. DISAPPOINTED WITH LITTLE PROGRESS IN DEBT TALKS And away we went to the […]

Tweet By Karen Starich JP Morgan’s earnings report tomorrow will most likely bring no new surprises, but should we beware of the profits?  I would not be overconfident about the banks here as there could be some reversal  or exposure of the banks accounting quirks and debt value adjustments on October 15th-17th.  Saturn has moved […]