Tweet By Brien Satzinger I don’t know an entrepreneur who has branched out to do their own thing who has not taken their lumps.  I know quite a few personally and I have read a handful of biographies and all of them at one point or another had to experience pain.  They had to make […]

Tweet Given the big drop in the futures market the next step is trying to determine where may be a good idea to focus on as support. I’m bearish on the markets and believe we have the potential to fall a lot, but before we get to “a lot” we have to take baby steps […]

Tweet Quick update how the futures trading strategy is going. We were 5/5 last week! Link to Futures Spreadsheet [ad#ad-1]

Tweet I had troubled uploading the 1st video to YouTube, so here is the link to watch it –  Dow and Dollar Correlation. These 2 markets are now moving together and you’ll see in the video if the Dollar does correct back to $80, it’ll likely mean a slight pause in the general markets. Key word being […]