Tweet This sector is approaching overbought levels and I believe it will roll over soon. Pay close attention to how the sector chart $DJUSGU behaves at the 60 level on the daily RSI. This remains in a downtrend when viewing the daily chart indicated by the downward sloping channel. Below are the four stocks I’ve […]

Tweet The entire time I’ve been in Canada the price of gas has baffled me. I’ve been so used to measuring my tanks of gas by the gallon that when I got here and tried to think in terms of liters it never really translated, especially when you factored in the currency conversion. The other […]


Tweet Additions: SQNM GAS QCOR STE Deletions: NPSP .Beta Watchlist “No matter how much you learn about the market’s behavior, no matter how brilliant an analyst you become, you will never learn enough to anticipate every possible way that the market can make you wrong or cause you to lose money.” Trading in the Zone […]