Tweet By Jeff Pierce Over the weekend I noticed Oil and Gas stocks popping up on my scans. This could be a sector to keep your eye on going forward with crude being bullish recently. MTDR is getting close to a decent pullback buy which would be near $14.75 or when the RSI hits 40. […]

Tweet By Poly Talk about a surprise negative GDP print this morning, not sure anybody quite believed it.  Certainly the response on my twitter feed was one of shock.  Of course it didn’t take the usual bulls long to come back suggesting that the number was actually bullish due to certain components rising.  FED officials […]

Tweet Here are some charts from an article on Financial Sense. It’s a lengthy read, but loads of good info. clipped from “Green shoots” has become the new economic mantra used by the media to describe our current economic condition. The recession that began in December, 2007 is now in its twentieth month. You […]

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Tweet Via Vix and More. GDP will not improve until the previous two charts (consumer confidence & unemployment) show an uptick, or at the very least stop the bleeding. clipped from