Tweet The following is an excerpt from the premium mid week update from the The Financial Tap, which  is dedicated to helping people learn to grow into successful investors. They provide cycle research on a number of markets through weekly updates and the offer real time trade alerts to take advantage of market inefficiencies. They offer a FREE […]


Tweet Reader question: With all the QE that is happenning the US$ looks to be under pressure over the intermediate and long-term. I’m Canadian and with the US$ potentially dropping further I am trying to look for opportunities that aren’t denominated in US $, in Canada and also in Europe. I was wondering if you […]

Tweet I used the opens strength to unload most of my shorts. We are in an area of support for TSX and Oil after what’s been a brutal time for commodities. I’m not a support/resistance trader but for those that are now may be a good time to initiate some new longs. I also don’t […]

Tweet The initial move after the Fed meeting was up and then a sell off. Today was a continuation of that sell off so I believe that to be the true reaction to the news. The markets will likely remain under pressure for the next couple of weeks now that we have a catalyst. If […]