Tweet By Poly     The waterfall decline I’ve been expecting has essentially now been satisfied (Red line).  The Cycle has run into the 25 day range and is more than ready to print a Daily Cycle Low.  Technically gold is oversold to the level where DCL’s have comfortably formed.  From this point forward it […]


Tweet By All About Trends There is an old saying that applies today and that is: “Wear em out or scare em out!” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see which it is with GLD: Much like the bio’s are looking like climax runs here the flip side of a climax run is a […]

Tweet By Poly Gold has been declining for the past 6 days as it heads into its 1st DCL.  It sits 26 Days into this Cycle and therefore into the timing band for a DCL.  Technically the oscillators have clearly turned lower since the Cycle closing high of $1,614 set on March 21st, and this […]

Tweet By Poly Although this remains a Day 20 Cycle that has yet to form Right Translated, there are some positive aspects to this Cycle that offer some encouragement. Gold’s ability to hold the 10 and 20 dma line and continue to rise this deep into a Left Translated Cycle is positive news.  It’s positive […]