Tweet By Jeff Pierce  11.21 Update – Earnings happened last night after the close and shot up like a rocket. This never closed on a weekly basis below where I deemed support to be. I wouldn’t chase this today and if you had entered today would be a good day to book some of today’s […]

Tweet I am bearish on the markets. I have been for awhile and see no reason to think we’re not heading down this holiday season, but I wanted to start to point out a few leading that may be long candidates when the markets have bottomed. The one thing that stands out to me when […]


Tweet I’m starting a new category on zentrader and it’s going to document a very specific sort of trade…it’s called the ABYSS Trade. Essentially it’s focusing on recent momentum stocks that have had a significant correction, but have not violated any critical technical levels. I’ll be looking to pick up a small amount of shares or […]

Tweet As my market timing system goes bullish, it’s time we switch our focus towards momentum stocks that will be the leaders of this upturn. I sold out of my remaining short etf’s yesterday after the close and will be doing research this weekend to identify some great long plays with excellent risk/reward. While I […]