Tweet By Jeff Pierce I’ve been opening bearish on Gold for quite some time and while my bias for the metal hasn’t changed yet, one should be open to the possibility that the miners are attempting to put in a bottom. Support is indicated below and that would be a logical area to base your […]

Tweet By Poly     Ever since the Cycle broke down 2 weeks ago we’ve known that lower prices were ahead.  Some say the Cycles are not as affective these days, but I say the Feb 11th Cycle (failure) warning saved many, allowing them to side step the worse of it. What we have now […]

Tweet The following is an excerpt from the premium mid week update from the The Financial Tap, which  is dedicated to helping people learn to grow into successful investors. They provide cycle research on a number of markets through weekly updates and the offer real time trade alerts to take advantage of market inefficiencies. They offer a FREE […]

Tweet In the following video: Why I still like the miners as a short despite the past few days. A new sector that went on my short radar today with stock picks I like short. Why I won’t make excuses for my trades because of trading biases. Pro currency trader trades live every day using […]