Tweet By All About Trends As far as the indexes are concerned we don’t like them here as we said yesterday, not to mention overbought and getting more overbought by the day when viewing the daily and 60 minute charts. BUT the super short term micro 15 minute charts are in play currently. Right now […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce While the financials may have an intraday pullback or even a 2 day pullback it doesn’t have to happen as this is one very strong sector.  Volume on the individual stocks have been much more impressive than the XLF, but the strength is undeniable. Bottom line is this either goes higher or down a […]

Tweet By Karen Starich It is very important to note here that we are most likely entering into a very big new growth cycle and potentially huge economic boom beginning in January 2013.  The signs of recovery will start to emerge before the end of the year, so now is the time to start planning […]

Tweet In the past when a particular sector’s RSI on it’s daily chart goes over 80 it’s generally a sign that after a short pause it will continue going higher. There are a number of ways to determine what an acceptable pullback is to buy, but I like to use the RSI level of 40-45 […]