Tweet One point I forgot to make is that the VIX is now nearly 10% below it’s 10 day moving average. What that means is that complacently is starting to set in a little. If the markets rally big tomorrow, I would advise to take more off the table if you didn’t use Friday’s rally to lighten […]

Tweet Rinse, Wash, Repeat is the common theme as the market sorts out it’s next directional move. My slight bias is to the downside, but I’m also open to the idea that the market could go up further and will have to be traded accordingly. Hence there are some decent looking set-ups below the video […]


Tweet Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day for 4 5 reasons and one of the best moves may be to let the morning sort itself out and see whether the bears or bulls are left standing when everyone goes to lunch. The try to position yourself for next week. Options expiration GOOG earnings […]


Tweet . I’m not sure how HIBB didn’t come up on my scans (click to see results) the other day, but it’s one of the best looking charts in the sports apparel sector (UA looks good as well). All of these are short term overbought, but all are definite candidates for future rockstars if you are of the […]