Tweet The market looks to be setting up with the head and shoulder pattern on the 60 min chart on the Nasdaq. Watch to see if it can follow through with weakness in the first part of next week and if it fails to follow through could be a big plus for the bulls.  My […]

Tweet This chart is suggesting the same limited upside potential in the markets as I talked about yesterday in my video. clipped from  

Tweet Back on May 1, I noticed the head/shoulder pattern  developing and pointed it out to you guys, so that you could position yourself accordingly should the market collapse. Looking at what the Nasdaq has done between the time it broke it’s neckline and today is quite textbook when it comes to how a bearish […]

Tweet . I remember a month ago I was waiting for the Nasdaq to complete a head and shoulder pattern that never materialized. Tonight as I was going through a few charts this reverse head and shoulder bullish pattern stood out in the most obvious way. For the simple fact that everyone else is looking […]