Tweet If one had to summarize and condense the finer points to put into some type of action plan from the Omnivore’s Dilemma, here it is. This is part 2 from a book review that Maria did on Michael Pollan’s book awhile back that I wanted, and I wanted to break up into sections to allow time to […]

Tweet Today I had an interesting experience I’d like to share as I had my first ever chakra balancing. What are chakra’s you may ask? I included a little bit of information below from the website Creativity in Life that will do a far better job at explaining chakras than I ever would. What are […]

Tweet Here is a list of points I feel are important to highlight from the video in regards to what is OK to eat when it relates to your health and our environment. My eyes have been opened to a number of health issues ever since I attended an Anthony Robbins seminar 2 months ago […]


Tweet Without health you won’t be able to trade efficiently and since I’ve made many new changes in my diet with excellent results, I’m always looking for new ways to improve on success. The Two Okinawan Diet Rules (or How I’m Getting Leaner During the Holidays). Rule 1. Eat to 80% full. The Okinawans call […]