Tweet With Obamacare in focus, the health care stocks is breaking out. I particularly like how the ADX is setting up. Now I don’t really concern myself with whether it will pass or not, or whether it’s the right thing to do for the US as a country, my only concern is what this sector […]


Tweet A common theme among the stocks that have been displaying momentum in recent days have been in the healthcare sector. Now I don’t know exactly why they’re moving at this point, but I’m fairly sure that these stocks will be higher in 3 months than they are today. This is by no means a […]

Tweet I like this trade as a longer term swing trade (1-3 months) as it fell below it’s lower bollinger band this morning taking out many stops along the way. We could probably get this on a retest as the overall markets are tired and this could easily fall if that small correction I’ve been […]

Tweet One way I judge the health of the market is by the amount and type of results I get from my scans and biotechnology stocks are really hot right now. I’ve been noticing this for awhile now but because the market hasn’t been very stable, I’ve held off buying any of these. That has […]