Tweet I strongly suggest checking out the sector posts at the end of this one, especially the investment and pharma sector posts, as they really illustrate the power of this trading strategy. It does require a little patience because the correction to get back to 40 could take awhile and some times never materializes, but […]

Tweet Under the assumption that this rally has legs, the homebuilder sector could be one to watch on a pullback. Currently it’s fast approaching some serious resistance and in a rising bearish wedge. It could use a pullback and the $17 level provides a good area for a pullback. This would be close to a […]


Tweet I’m not a big fan of bottom picking, but the homebuilders sector caught my eye while running some bullish scans tonight. BZH and PHM look to be establishing a bottom technically and with modest accumulation coming in from a volume standpoint, one may want to start nibbling on the long side if your timeframe […]