Tweet By Facesincabs Hey, Trading With Zen community … So, what is technically going on here as the US Federal Reserve finally eases its heavy, over grown foot from the most unprecedented, bond-energized, economic accelerator in the history of the world? Here are a few observation after Friday (one month after QE was eased from […]

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Tweet I’ve been hearing from a lot of people saying that the bond market is the next bubble to burst. For the most part I’m a stock and options trader but a chart is a chart and if bonds are truly in a bubble then the long term chart should reflect bubble characteristics. Let’s look […]

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Tweet The action in bonds these days has me scratching my head. In the past when these top out the market forms some type of bottom. Bonds are acting much like the momentum stocks of the past right now defying all odds and moving higher despite what the overall market is doing. When these issues […]