Tweet By Chris Ebert Note: this article contains only the opinion and conjecture of the author and is not medical advice. The Hurdles for Diabetics The problem for the diabetic is often not that the disease is entirely incurable; indeed there are many well-documented cases of folks reversing and eliminating the symptoms of diabetes as […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Stock options are bets, pure and simple. A trader can place a bet that a stock price will go up by buying a call option, or bet that it will go down by buying a put option. It is also possible to place a bet that the price will either go […]

Tweet By Christopher Ebert Fear of falling stock prices, as measured by the implied volatility of stock options, is now at some of the lowest levels in recent years. Despite the efficiency of the options market, volatility is one area where the market displays characteristics that give the perception of inefficiency, and traders may be […]