Tweet By Jeff Pierce WATT IPO’d in late March and after an initial run up it’s essentially been basing for the last 8 weeks. Today it is starting to move higher and if it can clear this base (and close above it) it could be a short trip back to recent highs. Keep this stock […]


Tweet By Jeff Pierce All three of these charts look very bullish with strong RSI patterns. They are of the lower volume type so if you have minimum volume requirements you may want to pass of them, but if you strictly go off of technical patterns then these three are all very strong. All remain […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce 11.20 Update – I like to post follow ups on these trade ideas so they don’t just go out into the ether uncontested. Not a bad bounce at all. Original post shows weekly chart view while this is daily to show bounce. 10.08 – Last year IPO winner FLTX has given back a […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Jeff Pierce is a momentum trader who runs the twitter suggestion service tradewithZEN. You can view all of his real time trades since June here.  His trades are now available on Ditto Trade for those with busy lifestyles or who are finding the volatility too much to trade. Nove 14th Trade Idea Recap […]